Awards & HonorsIllinois Skyway Collegiate Conference

Athletic Hall Of Fame

ISCC Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

Bill Angelo (Coach - Baseball), Elgin Community College
Rafael Arellano (Men's Soccer), McHenry County College
Kelly (Freund) Heider (Volleyball), McHenry County College
Rick Peterson (Men's Basketball & Women's Basketball Coach), McHenry County College
Bob Kairis (Baseball), Morton College
Mishae Miles (Women's Basketball), Morton College

Earnest Mackey (Student-Athlete), Morton College
Kristy Heinzl Evashenk (Student-Athlete), Morton College
Michele Crosby Loeding (Student-Athlete), McHenry County College
Adam Ejupovic (Student-Athlete), Oakton Community College
Delwyn Jones (Coach), Mo
raine Valley Community College


George Fejt (Athletic Administrator), Morton College

Art Belanger (Friend of Sports), Morton College

Ray Konrath (Friend of Sports), Morton College

Jim Lazansky (Friend of Sports
), Morton College


Wally Reynolds (Athletic Administrator), McHenry County College

Geoffrey Davis (Life Time Achievement), Moraine Valley Community College


Richard Watson (Coach) College of Lake County


Ann Tuzson (Student-Athlete) Oakton Community College

Carol Davis (Friend of Sports) Oakton Community College

Clark Hallpike (Coach) Elgin Community College

Tony Bacci (Student-Athlete) McHenry County College

Jonnell Medina (Friend of Sports) Morton College

Julia Sapozhnikova (Student-Athlete) College of Lake County

Ania Kazakevich (Student-Athlete) College of Lake County


Ray Lumpp (Administrator/Coach) Waubonsee Community College

Dave Heiss (Coach) Waubonsee Community College

Mary Ann Lessner (Friend of Sports) Moraine Valley Community College

2002 Marathon Team (Athletic Team) Oakton Community College


Bob Fairbank (Administrator) Prairie State College

Marvin McGrew (Student-Athlete) Morton College

Jill & Bill Malik (Friend of Athletics) Morton College


Doug Hill (Coach) Waubonsee Community College

Henry Vais (Friend of Athletics) Morton College

Patricia LoVerde (Student-Athlete) Morton College


Gloria Coughlin (Coach) Moraine Valley Community College

Anthony Amarino (Coach) Morton College

Andi Brooke (Student-Athlete) McHenry County College


Michell Pahl-Robertson (Student-Athlete) McHenry County College


John Bell (Coach) Waubonsee Community College

Bill Probst (Coach) McHenry County College

Sue Syljiebeck (Student-Athlete) McHenry County College


Bill Finn (Administrator/Coach) Moraine Valley Community College

Gus Coronado (Student-Athlete/Coach) Morton College


Bill Prince (Administrator/Coach) Waubonsee Community College

Dave Beck (Coach) College of Lake County

Bob Slivovsky (Friend of Sports) Morton College


Ed Snyder (Friend of Sports) College of Lake County


Dick Durrant (Administrator) Elgin Community College

Gene Hanson (Administrator/Coach) College of Lake County

Tom Jorndt (Administrator/Coach) Oakton Community College

Dave Rowlands (Administrator/Coach) Truman College

Doug Sherman (Coach) College of Lake County

Laszak Stoklosa (Student-Athlete) Oakton Community College

Rich Symonds (Coach) Oakton Community College