Men's GolfIllinois Skyway Collegiate Conference

The ISCC golf season consists of each team hosting a conference meet. Teams receive points for their placement in each meet (6 points for 1st place, 5 for 2nd, 4 for 3rd, 3 for 4th, 2 for 5th and 1 for 6th). The team with the most points at the conclusion of the season is declared the champion. The conference golf chairman is Karen Wiley of McHenry County College. Visit to get up to date national rankings and individual statistical leaders for most sports.

All Conference Team

2018 All Conference Golf Team

Medalist - Konnor Kinimonth (CLC) 72.0 average
2nd - Karl Torola (CLC) 73.5 avg.
3rd - Jack Haberkorn (OCC) 74.0 avg.
4th - Jack Hed (WCC) 74.25 avg.
5th - Nezleu Maitha (OCC) 76.5 avg.
6th - Trevor Britton (CLC) 77.5 avg.
6th - Jackson Clark (WCC) 77.5 avg.
8th - Jimmy Goich (MVCC) 78.25 avg.
9th - Patrick Scanlon (OCC) 78.5 avg.
10th - Jason Giffles (CLC) 78.5 avg.
Coach of the Year: Chris Wyniawskyj (CLC)

2017 All Conference Golf Team

Medalist - Chris Blaha ( Oakton Community College) 74.5 Average
2nd - Stephen Bukieski (Oakton Community College) 75 Average
3rd - Orlando Avila-Oritz (College of Lake County) 75.25 Average
4th - Jimmy Goich (Moraine Valley Community College) 76.5 Average
5th - Karl Torola (College of Lake County) 77.25 Average
6th - Clayton Fisher (Oakton Community College) 79 Average
7th - Nick Regan (Moraine Valley Community College) 80.25 Average
8th - Mike Stanton (Moraine Valley Community College) 80.5 Average
9th - Reid Rimsnider (Moraine Valley Community College) 81.75 Average
10th - Edgar Avila-Ortiz (College of Lake County) 82.5 Average
Coach of the Year - Chris Wyniawskyj (College of Lake County)

2016 All Conference Golf Team
- Benjamin Melms (Waubonsee) 75.25 average
2nd - Ramir Rogue (Waubonsee) 76 averge
3rd - Stephen Bukeiski (Oakton) 78 average
4th - Orlando Avilaortis (Lake County) 78.5 average
5th - Jackson Clark (Waubonsee) 78.5 average
6th - Alec Martinez (Moraine Valley) 79.5 average
7th - Jacob Cook (Waubonsee) 79.5 average
8th - Conner Lillie (Moraine Valley) 79.75 average
9th - Anthony Calderone (Oakton) 81 average
10th - Chris Blaha (Oakton) 81.25 average
Coach of Year - Dave Heiss (Waubonsee)

2015 All Conference Golf Team
- Matt Yankovich (Waubonsee) 73.75 average

2nd - Greg Wiitenan (Elgin) 74.75 average
3rd - Matt Contey (Moraine Valley) 76 average
4th - Jacob Cook (Waubonsee) 76.75 average
5th - Noah Lindmack (Waubonsee) 77.75 average
6th - John Orowick (Moraine Valley) 78.75 average
7th - Conner Lille (Moraine Valley) 79 average
8th - Dave Karowski (Moraine Valley) 79 average
9th - Dan Lenz (Elgin) 79.5 average
10th - Darek Loretto (Lake County) 79.5 average
Coach of the Year - Bob Freudenthal (Moraine Valley)
Player of the Year - Matt Yankovich (Waubonsee)

2014 All Conference Golf Team
Medalist - Will Baumgarder (Oakton) 74.75 average
2nd- Dave Karowski (Moraine Valley) 76 average
3rd- Matt Yonkovich (Waubonsee) 76.25 average
4th- Justin Mustari (Oakton) 78.75 average
T-5th- Matt Contey (Moraine Valley) 79 average
T-5th- Connor Williams (Elgin) 79 average
7th- Kyle Murray (Elgin) 79.25 average
8th- Jon Hvasta (Waubonsee) 79.5 average
9th- John Yerkes (Moraine Valley) 79.75 average
10th - Joe Knight (Moraine Valley) 80.0 average
Coach of the Year - Bob Freudenthal (Moraine Valley)
Player of the Year - Will Baumgarder (Oakton)

2013 All Conference Golf Team
- Nick Wysocki (Lake County), 76.6 average
T-2nd - Eric Burchfield (Elgin) & David Krueger (Lake County), 76.8 average
4th - Kevin Stoffle (Praire State), 77.8 average
T- 5th - Joe Knight (Moraine Valley) & Will Baumgartner (Oakton), 78.4 average
7th - Jack Haberkorn (Oakton), 79.0 average
8th - Jack Misheck (Moraine Valley), 79.2 average
9th - Matt Davis (Waubonsee), 79.4 average
T-10th - Connor Williams (Elgin) & Pat Neylon (Moraine Valley), 79.8 average

2012 All Conference Golf Team
Medalist - David Krueger (Lake County), 76.4 average
2nd - Alex Bremmer (Waubonsee), 77.0 average
3rd - Jack Misheck (Moraine Valley), 77.0 average
4th - Jeremy Fraser (Moraine Valley), 77.6 average
5th - Kris McGovern (Lake County), 78.0 average
6th - Ryan Pondel (Elgin), 78.0 average
7th - Matt Allison (Elgin), 78.4 average
8th - Matt Dohse (Lake County), 79.0 average
9th - Anthony Cardelli (Elgin), 79.6 average
10th - Mike Grum (Lake County), 80.0 average
Coach of the Year - Tim Harwood (Lake County)

2011 All Conference Golf Team
(Medalist) – Ryan Frederick (Fr./Moraine Valley) 73.4 avg.
2nd – Ricky Palonis (Fr./Moraine Valley) 74.0 avg.
3rd – Bobby Sloan (Fr./Prairie State) 74.6 avg.
4th – Colton Craig (So./Waubonsee) 75.8 avg.
5th – Matt Bergstrom (Fr./Lake County) 77.0 avg.
6th – Andrew Morrealle (So./Waubonsee) 77.0 avg.
7th – Eric Hogenkamp (Fr./Lake County) 78.0 avg.
8th – Adam Guthrie (So./Lake County) 78.2 avg.
9th – Larry Foss (Fr./Oakton) 78.4 avg.
10th – Alex Bremner (Fr./Waubonsee) 78.6 avg.
2010 All-Conference
(Medalist) - Tim Schofield (Fr./Waubonsee) 77.0 avg.
2nd - Eric Holst (So./College of Lake County) 77.4 avg.
3rd - Matt Lovelace (So./Moraine Valley) 77.8 avg.
4th - Colton Craig (Fr./Waubonsee) 78.0 avg.
5th - Josh Hallissey (Fr./College of Lake County) 78.2 avg.
6th - Mike Dermanuelian (Fr./Waubonsee) 78.2 avg.
7th - James Henkelman (Fr./Waubonsee) 78.8 avg.
8th - Adam Guthrie (Fr./College of Lake County) 78.8 avg.
9th - Andrew Meier (So./Elgin) 79.0 avg.
10th - Brendan Ryan (Fr./Moraine Valley) 79.2 avg.
2007 All-Conference
(Medalist) - Kevin Shimer (Fr. / Lake County) 75.6 avg.
2nd - Randy Abraham (So. / Elgin) 76.0 avg.
3rd - Kevin Schramer (Fr. / Waubonsee) 76.0 avg.
4th - Alex Pekelsma (Fr. / Lake County) 76.8 avg.
5th - Ryan Tucek (So. / Waubonsee) 77.0 avg.
6th - Chris Blankenship (So. / Moraine Valley) 78.4 avg.
7th - Troy Beyers (Fr. /Lake County) 78.6 avg.
8th - Kevin Phillips (So. / Waubonsee) 78.8 avg.
9th - Ryan Squires (Fr. / Lake County) 78.8 avg.
10th - Mike Crom (So. /Elgin) 79.6 avg.
10th - Jonathan Duffie (So. / Lake County) 79.6 avg.

1996 Coach of the Year
All-Skyway Bob Freudenthal
Team Moraine Valley
Rank Player School Average Team
Medalist Tim Kerns Moraine Valley 75.6 1st
2nd Dan Cerny Moraine Valley 77.4 1st
3rd Terry Wittek Oakton 78.0 1st
4th Stino Milito Oakton 78.6 1st
5th Mike Curtin Moraine Valley 78.8 1st
6th Jason Truncale Moraine Valley 78.8 2nd
7th Ben Anderson Moraine Valley 79.0 2nd
8th Chris Petersohn Waubonsee 79.8 2nd
9th Jay Kimball Waubonsee 80.0 2nd
10th Greg Thomas Lake County 80.2 2nd

Rank Player School Average Team

Rank Player School Average Team

Rank Player School Average Team
Medalist Dennis Montgomery Oakton 78.5 1st
2nd Scott Daffenberg Waubonsee 79.0 1st
3rd Mark Eskuchen Oakton 81.3 1st
4th Jeff Lynn Oakton 81.5 1st
5th Pat McDonald Waubonsee 81.8 1st
6th Keith Trevino Oakton 82.0 2nd
6th Jason Howes Lake County 82.0 2nd
8th Kevin Murphy Elgin 82.3 2nd
9th Scott Erkfitz Elgin 82.5 2nd
10th Brian Jacobi
Kevin Kargol

Lake County

82.8 2nd

Rank Player School Average Team
Medalist Mike Gorniak Elgin 76.0 1st
2nd Brandon Wessel Oakton 77.4 1st
3rd Randy Kolaczewski Lake County 79.8 1st
4th George Dawalibi Oakton 81.0 1st
5th Jeff Virmond Elgin 81.2 1st
6th Bill Virmond Elgin 81.2 2nd
7th Skip Pumala Lake County 82.0 2nd
8th Keith Trevino Oakton 82.8 2nd
9th Brian Aschbacher Oakton 84.2 2nd
10th Clint Ruth Lake County 85.2 2nd
Rank Player School Average Team
Medalist Mike Gorniak Elgin 77.4 1st
2nd Don Bornhorst Oakton 78.6 1st
3rd Jeff Lynn Oakton 80.4 1st
4th Brandon Kahl Waubonsee 81.4 1st
5th Scott Bies Lake County 83.2 1st
6th Pete Ward Oakton 83.6 2nd
7th Dave Holbek Lake County 83.8 2nd
8th Jake DiFrancesca Oakton 84.6 2nd
8th Jeff Virmond Elgin 84.6 2nd
10th Matt Nelson Waubonsee 84.8 2nd
Rank Player School Average Team
Medalist John Gollwitzer Lake County 75.2 1st
2nd Mike Harscher Lake County 77.4 1st
3rd Jeff Saarela Lake County 80.2 1st
4th Phil Webb Lake County 80.4 1st
5th Ross Check Lake County 80.6 1st
6th Randy Heinrich Elgin 81.2 2nd
7th Pat O'Donnell Elgin 82.0 2nd
7th Omar Hasan Elgin 82.0 2nd
7th Don Bornhorst Oakton 82.0 2nd
10th Brandon Kahl Waubonsee 84.2 2nd

Rank Player School Average Team
Medalist John Gollwitzer Lake County 77.8 1st
2nd Mark DePasquale Morton 79.2 1st
3rd Jamie McNair Waubonsee 79.4 1st
3rd Joel Pyle Waubonsee 79.4 1st
3rd Pat Kelly Oakton 79.4 1st
6th Todd Nelson Waubonsee 82.6 2nd
7th Toby Holtz Elgin 83.2 2nd
8th Scott Haines Waubonsee 84.2 2nd
9th Tim Moran Oakton 84.6 2nd
10th Brian Berbaum Oakton 84.8 2nd
Rank Player School Average Team
Medalist Tom Sweetwood Lake County 74.2 1st
2nd James McNair Waubonsee 78.8 1st
3rd Tom Joseph Oakton 79.6 1st
4th Mark DePasquale Morton 80.0 1st
5th Joel Pyle Waubonsee 80.8 1st
5th Mike Harscher Lake County 80.8 1st
7th Mike Tully Oakton 82.8 2nd
7th Don O'Machel Lake County 82.8 2nd
7th Jason Beu Elgin 82.8 2nd
10th Jay Hawkins Elgin 83.0 2nd
Rank Player School Average Team
Medalist Rick Korjenec Lake County 79.8 1st
2nd Kurt Wittek Oakton 80.4 1st
3rd Roger Medellin Lake County 80.8 1st
4th Tom Joseph Oakton 81.0 1st
5th Blaine Kummet Elgin 82.0 1st
6th Brad Bugai Oakton 82.0 2nd
7th Kevin Duffy Wright 83.6 2nd
8th Perry Aston Oakton 83.8 2nd
9th Mike Fields Lake County 84.8 2nd
10th Brian Hain Morton 84.8 2nd
Rank Player School Average
Medalist Jim Miller Oakton 73.2
2nd Joe Pollack Lake County 76.2
3rd Phil Lenz Elgin 77.0
4th Bob Howard Oakton 77.7
5th Matt Gillogly Oakton 78.7
6th Ted Poplowski Morton 79.7
7th Tim McCarthy Oakton 81.5
8th Brian Overheidt Waubonsee 82.0
9th John Trotto Waubonsee 82.5
9th John Phelps Lake County 82.5
1985 All-Conference

Rank Player School Average
Medalist Svec McHenry 75.4
2nd Bruckner Lake County 76.0
3rd D. Witek Lake County 76.2
4th Wastyn Oakton 77.0
5th Turner McHenry 77.8
6th Gricus Oakton 78.0
7th Meek Oakton 78.4
8th Bailey Lake County 78.6
9th Wilson Lake County 79.0
10th Joseph Oakton 80.4

Rank Player School Average
Medalist Palbicke Lake County 75.2
2nd Seitzinger Waubonsee 76.4
3rd Synek Oakton 76.6
3rd Brucker Lake County 76.6
5th Witek Lake County 78.6
6th Martini Oakton 79.6
7th Steed Lake County 80.2
8th Meek Oakton 80.8
9th Carlson Elgin 81.8
10th Pall Waubonsee 83.0

Rank Player School Average
Medalist John Cyboran Lake County 74.1
2nd Ed Slattery Lake County 74.3
3rd Pat Becker Lake County 75.0
4th Bob Ewert Lake County 76.0
5th S. Seitzinger Waubonsee 76.8
6th Rich Synek Oakton 77.0
7th Al Ekeroth McHenry 77.0
8th Jeff Drassler Lake County 80.1
9th Mike Lawler McHenry 81.5
10th Dave Schwartz McHenry 81.8
Rank Player School Average
Medalist Ed Slattery Lake County 75.6
2nd John Cyboran Lake County 76.1
3rd Craig Vogel Truman 76.3
4th Steve Wokas Waubonsee 77.0
5th Al Ekeroth McHenry 77.1
6th Randy Pilotte Lake County 77.3
7th Bob Sertic Lake County 77.8
8th Craig Wollam McHenry 78.5
9th Mike Franklin Oakton 78.6
10th Dennis Callaghan Oakton 78.8
Rank Player School Average
Medalist Del Gorski Lake County 72.5
2nd Perry Holmes Lake County 73.7
3rd Randy Severinsen Lake County 74.0
4th Jeff Hunt Truman 74.8
5th Craig Vogel Truman 76.8
6th Mike Franklin Oakton 77.3
7th Ted Smutka Morton 77.3
8th Pat Higgins Truman 77.5
9th Rich Fox Morton 78.0
10th Bob Sertic Lake County 78.2
Rank Player School Average
Medalist Perry Holmes Lake County 73.6
2nd Jeff Michealson Elgin 74.5
3rd Brad Blake Lake County 74.7
4th Brad Woodrick Waubonsee 74.8
5th Jeff Hunt Truman 75.0
6th Del Gorski Lake County 76.2
7th Mike Kroll Truman 77.5
8th Steve Kramer Truman 77.7
9th Randy Severinsen Lake County 78.2
10th Pat Rodgers McHenry 80.0
Rank Player School Average
Medalist Jeff Brown Elgin 74.8
2nd Scott Freberg Lake County 77.8
3rd Steve Castellari Lake County 77.8
4th Ken Fell Lake County 78.6
5th Jeff Hayes Elgin 79.0
6th Rick Lima Elgin 79.0
7th Steve Kramer Truman 79.5
8th Jim Leske Truman 80.3
9th Kevin Arnold Lake County 80.6
10th Paul Psensky McHenry 80.8
Rank Player School Average
Medalist Ed Stubbs Lake County 75.2
2nd Tim Beckmann Lake County 76.0
3rd Dave Klenske Oakton 76.5
4th Bob Silvestri Oakton 77.2
5th Gary Helm Elgin 77.8
6th Ken Fell Lake County 78.2
7th Kevin Paluch Oakton 78.2
8th Rick Lima Elgin 78.8
9th Gary Mitrani Truman 79.8
10th Steve White Elgin 79.8


College of Lake County Chris Wyniawskyj
Elgin Community College Rick Olson
Moraine Valley Comm. Col. Matt Lovelace
Oakton Community College Louis Walker
Waubonsee Comm. College Dave Heiss

Procedures & Guidelines

Revised: October 2015

I. Starting Date

A. Same as NJCAA guidelines.

II. Number of Contests

A. Same as NJCAA guidelines.

B. The scheduling sites rotate up one date. ( The 1st host will become the last host)

III. Procedures and Special Items.

A. The top three teams will be reseeded after each conference match and have their one through three players play together in a threesome.

B. U.S.G.A. rules will be in effect for all conference meets except as modified by local rules which will be stated to all players the day of the competition.

C. There shall be no practice on any green after completion of a hole.

D. There shall be a two-stroke penalty assessed for slow play. A group will be warned when they fall one complete hole behind and if the situation is not rectified within a reasonable period of time, the offending player or players will be penalized.

E. The Rules Committee of all Illinois Skyway Conference meets shall be all the Illinois Skyway Conference coaches.

F. Summer rules will be played during all conference meets.

G. Host athletic director must be there for supervision.

H. Electronic range finder devices are allowed in matches.

I. All scores should be kept by all competitors in group.

J. Rake then place in bunkers shall be subject to group approval (ex. footprint).

K. Spike marks and ball marks may be repaired.

IV. Procedures for rain outs of Conference matches:

A. All 18 holes need to be played completely unless the final scores are already determined (ex. 9 holes only).

B. Rainouts shall be determined by a majority vote of the coaches with the home course coach breaking any ties.

C. The Pro‑Shop should be notified of rainouts for informational purposes.

D. Monday following the last Wednesday conference schedule date will be the first rain date. Tuesday following the last Wednesday match will be the 2nd rain date. Scores from the first 18 holes of the Region IV Tournament will be used as the last rain date.

E. Green fees shall be paid for by the Illinois Skyway Conference for a re‑scheduled conference match if the host college has already paid for the original match.

V. All Conference Team

A. The Conference championship will be determined by conference meets. Each school will host one tournament.

B. Once a conference member school indicates that they will have golf the following year and the schedule is firm, that school will be obligated to host a conference meet at the scheduled time and place even if they cannot, or choose not, to have a team.

C. One point will be awarded for each opponent defeated plus one. In the event of a tie, the fifth scores will be used. If tie still remains, the fourth place score will be used and so forth until a tie is broken. The conference champion will be the team with the most points at the end of the season.

D. In the event that two or more teams tie for the conference championship, co‑champions will be declared. The team trophy will be awarded to the team, which won the final meet. A trophy for the other co‑champion will be ordered.

E. The All Conference team will consist of those ten individuals with the best averages. The number of matches to choose individual scores from will always be 1 less than the number of complete matches played by the conference.

F. In case of the need to use a 9 hole score, the conference shall use the lowest total strokes to determine All-Conference individuals.

VII. All Conference Awards

A. Ten gold All Conference medallions will be awarded to the ten golfers with the lowest average in the Conference meets.

B. The place each golfer finishes will be engraved on the back of the medallion.

C. The medallist will receive a trophy in addition to a medallion.

D. The Coach-of-the-Year will be selected by the coaches.

VII. Ending Date

A. Ending date shall be the Region IV Tournament except for those who may qualify for the National Tournament.


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Conference Standings

2019 Season
Place Team Score Points
1st Waubonsee 0 0
1st Lake County 0 0
1st Elgin 0 0
1st Oakton 0 0
1st Moraine 0 0
2018 Season
Place Team Score Points
1st Lake County 1526 19
2nd Waubonsee 1589 13
2nd Oakton 1582 13
4th Moraine 1649 5
5th Elgin 0 0
2017 Season
Place Team Score Points
1st Lake County 1669 16
2nd Moraine 1698 13
2nd Oakton 1683 13
4th Elgin 1490 4
2016 Season
Place Team Score Points
1st Waubonsee 1578 18
2nd Oakton 1634 15
3rd Moraine 1654 12
4th Lake County 1718 5
5th Elgin 0 0
2015 Season
Place Team Score Points
1st Moraine 1573 21
1st Waubonsee 1569 21
3rd Elgin 1620 18
4th Oakton 1716 10
5th Lake County 1781 5
2014 Season
Place Team Score Points
1st Moraine 1590 22
2nd Elgin 1633 16
2nd Oakton 1616 16
4th Waubonsee 1621 14
5th Prairie 990 6
2013 Season
Place Team Score Points
1st Lake County 2254 31
2nd Moraine 2268 30
3rd Oakton 2294 26
4th Prairie 2298 24
5th Elgin 2294 22
6th Waubonsee 2314 15
2012 Season
Place Team Score Points
1st Lake County 1907 33
2nd Waubonsee 1964 27
3rd Moraine 1983 23
4th Elgin 1967 22
5th Prairie 2037 14
6th Oakton 2096 7
2011 Season
Place Team Score Points
1st Moraine 1835 33
2nd Waubonsee 1860 29
3rd Lake County 1891 24
4th Prairie 1626 15
5th Elgin 1997 12
5th Oakton 1981 12
2010 Season
Place Team Score Points
1st Waubonsee 1885 33
2nd Lake County 1900 31
3rd Moraine Valley 1940 24
4th Elgin 2008 19
5th Oakton 2110 13
6th Prairie State 2269 6