Men's SoccerIllinois Skyway Collegiate Conference

The Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference Men's Soccer Championship is determined by points based on a single round-robin schedule in the fall. Three points are awarded for each victory, one point for a draw and zero points for a loss. The men's soccer conference chairman is Billy Jacklin at Morton College. Visit to get up to date national rankings and individual statistical leaders for most sports.

All Conference Team

2016 All-Conference Team
Player of the Year
Diego Munoz, Waubonsee

Coach of the Year
Brett Suhayda, Waubonsee

First Team
F- Reuel Erastus-Obilo, Waubonsee
F - Mario Rodriguez, Waubonsee
M - Diego Munoz, Waubonsee
M - Cristian Vences, Waubonsee
D - Luis Correa, Waubonsee
D - Calvin Baez, Waubonsee
G - Claudio Garcia, Morton College
M - Emmanuel Martinez, Morton College
D - Francisco Chavez, Morton College
F - Juan Garcia, Morton College
M/F - Gael Terrazas, Prairie State
M - Ricardo Vega, Prairie State
M - Jonah Sheldon, Prairie State
D - Jovanny Rodriguez, Oakton
D - Maciej Chlopek, Oakton
M/F - Faruk Dzambegovic, Oakton
M/F - Elias Leyva, Moraine Valley
F - Daniel Kasaggoma, Moraine Valley
M - Luis Beltran, McHenry
M - Richard Soza, Elgin
M - Daniel Girald, Lake County

Second Team
F- Daniel Carbajal, Waubonsee
M - Marcos Rojo, Waubonsee
M - Gustavo Mancera, Waubonsee
M - Carlos Contreras, Waubonsee
GK - Robert Marquez, Waubonsee
M - Carlos Garcia, Morton College
M - Gilberto Hernandez, Morton College
M - Jose Garcia, Morton College
D - Adan Barragan, Morton College
D - Arturo Godinez, Prairie State
M/D - Luis Quintero, Prairie State
M - Diego Gonzalez, Prairie State
M/F - Charlie Tolayo, Oakton
M - Edmund Obermeyer, Oakton
M/D - Aidan Donaldson, Oakton
M/F - Togo Narasawa, Moraine Valley
F - Antonio Martinez, Moraine Valley
D - Zach Reitz, McHenry
M - Pedro Hernandez, Elgin
M - Gavin Amburn, Lake County

2015 All-Conference Team
Player of the Year
Mitchell Corona, Moraine Valley

Coach of the Year
Chuck Bales, Moraine Valley

First Team
F- Edgar Zavala, Elgin
M- Antonio Escamilla, Elgin
M- Giovanni Branch, Elgin
M- Jesse Presa, Morton
M- Daniel Reyes, Morton
F- Roberto Meza, Morton
D- Fabian Damian, Morton
M- Juan Ponce, Waubonsee
M- Alan Camarena, Waubonsee
M- Ryan Salazar, Waubonsee
GK- Alan Garcia, Moraine
D- Mitchell Corona (POY), Moraine
M- Elias Leyva, Moraine
M- Przemek Tylka, Moraine
F- Erick Carrasco, Moraine
D- Tom Nie, Moraine
D- Allen Sanchez, Prairie State
F- Carlos Gallardo, Prairie State
M- Bruno Souza, Prairie State
F- Uriel Landa, Oakton
M- Ayodele Makinde, Oakton
D- Alan Diaz, McHenry
GK- Luis Perez (GK), Lake County

Second Team
Bryan Contrares, Elgin
Moises Raya. Elgin
Jose Jaimes, Elgin

Jose Pineda, Morton
Emmanuel Martinez, Morton
Julio Aldape, Morton
Anthony Salgado, Morton
Cooper Fell, Waubonsee
Francisco Marquez, Waubonsee
Akim Suraji, Waubonsee

Alex Alvarez, Moraine
Giovanni Sanchez, Moraine
Daniel Navar, Moraine
Arturo Diaz, McHenry
Armando Gomez, Lake County
David Villegas, Oakton

2014 All-Conference Team
Player of the Year
Farai Tsingano (Morton College)

Coach of the Year
Steve Brody (Oakton)

First Team
D - Pooya Shams, So. (Oakton)
D - Ramon Contreras, So. (Oakton)
M - Franco Alcocer, So. (Oakton)
F - Alex Herrera, Fr. (Oakton)
F - Nelson Herrera, Fr. (Oakton)
M - Jonathan Hernandez, So. (Oakton)
D - Farai Tsingano, So. (Morton)
F - Sergio Otalora, So. (Morton)
M - Daniel Hernandez, So. (Morton)
F - Maxwell Ejiogu, Fr. (Morton)
G - Brandon Silvera, Fr. (Morton)
D - Lasse Olrik, So. (Prairie State)
F - Bryan Leon, Fr. (Prairie State)
F - Mamadou Ba, So. (Prairie State)
G - Luis Gallardo, So. (Waubonsee)
D - Daniel Hernandez, So. (Waubonsee)
M - Juan Poonce, Fr. (Waubonsee)
M - Przemek Tylka, Fr. (Moraine Valley)
M/F - Michael Corona, Fr. (Moraine Valley)
F - Edgar Zavalos, So. (Elgin)
D - Matt May, So. (McHenry)
M - Lucas Istanivek, So. (Lake County)
M/S - Brian Rojas, Fr. (Lake County)

Second Team
D - Josh DeLeon, So. (Oakton)
D - Pavao Alebic, Fr. (Oakton)
M - David Villegos, Fr. (Oakton)
M - Abraham Friedman, Fr. (Oakton)
M - Eden Crespo, So. (Oakton)
G - Matthew Cabrales, Fr. (Oakton)
D - Juan Rojas, Fr. (Morton)
D - Roberto Avila, So. (Morton)
M - Jesus Cervantes, So. (Morton)
M - Daniel Reyes, So. (Morton)
M - Carlos Gallardo, Fr. (Prairie State)
M - Allen Sanchez, Fr. (Prairie State)
M - Colin McLaughlin, Fr. (Prairie State)
G - Jose Maya, Fr. (Prairie State)
M - Daniel Miranda, Fr. (Waubonsee)
D - Salvador Villagrana, So. (Waubonsee)
M - Josue Mejia, Fr. (Waubonsee)
F - Giovanni Sanchez, So. (Moraine Valley)
M/F - Jonathan Salas, Fr. (Moraine Valley)
F - Jazael Medina, So. (Elgin)
D - Isiah Solis, So. (McHenry)
D - Mario Flores, So. (Lake County)
D - Ryan Kostreva, So. (Lake County)

2013 All-Conference Team

Player of the Year
Diego Munoz, Fr. (Waubonsee)

Coach of the Year
Brett Suhayda (Waubonsee)

First Team
F – Alberto Lopez, Fr. (Waubonsee)
M – Diego Munoz, Fr. (Waubonsee)
D – Paul Butera, So. (Waubonsee)
D – Juan Luis Perez, So. (Waubonsee)
M- Edgardo Alcantra, Fr. (Waubonsee)
G – Luis Gallardo, Fr. (Waubonsee)
M – Lutth Tchitembo, Fr. (Moraine Valley)
M – Jordi Padillo, Fr. (Moraine Valley)
M – Joe Mostej, So. (Moraine Valley)
M – Greg Healy, So. (Moraine Valley)
D – Pooya Shams, Fr. (Oakton)
M – Victor Baez, Fr. (Oakton)
D – James Johnson, So. (Oakton)
D – Josh Horne, Fr. (Prairie State)
G – Edgar Torres, Fr. (Prairie State)
D – Kyle Cayton, So. (Prairie State)
F – Farai Tsingano, Fr. (Morton)
D – Carlos Leon, So. (Morton)
D – Carlos Avina, Fr. (Elgin)
M – Juan Bermudez, So. (Lake County)
D – Salvador Navarro, Fr. (McHenry) S

Second Team
D - Daniel Hernandez, Fr. (Waubonsee)
F – Bernie Conley, Fr. (Waubonsee)
M – Eddie Gayton, So. (Waubonsee)
M – Alvaro Perez, So. (Waubonsee)
F – Victor Corral, So. (Waubonsee)
D – Daniel Ruiz, Fr. (Waubonsee)
D – Ranulfo Pantaleon, Fr. (Moraine Valley)
D – Steve Henry, So. (Moraine Valley)
F – Patryk Pantaleon, Fr. (Moraine Valley)
G – Chris Vidos, Fr. (Moraine Valley)
F – Kyle Burry, So. (Oakton)
D – Johnny DeLeon, Fr. (Oakton)
M – Jose Vasquez, Fr. (Oakton)
F – Mamadou Ba, Fr. (Prairie State)
D – Lasse Orik, Fr. (Prairie State)
M – Raphael Alarcon, Fr. (Prairie State)
M – Juan Salgado, So. (Morton)
F – Sergio Otalora, Fr. (Morton)
D – Mitch Tyton, So. (Elgin)
M – Fabian Gasca, Fr. (Elgin)
F – Auner Solis, Fr. (Lake County)
F – Alberto Martinez, Fr. (McHenry)

2012 All-Conference First Team

# Name College Pos
3 Paul Butera Waubonsee D
4 Kevin Ortega Waubonsee D
5 Eduardo Llamas Waubonsee M
9 Cesar Garcia Waubonsee F
10 Erik Madrigal Waubonsee D
20 Victor Corral Waubonsee F
0 Daniel Niedzielski Oakton GK
8 Kamil Kalinowski Oakton D
4 Arnoldo Reyes Oakton M
5 Jamal Banton Oakton F
20 Lukman Ahmed Shaibu Prairie State F
0 Victor Lozano Prairie State GK
2 Ivan Valencia Prairie State M
10 Felipe Garcia da Silva Prairie State M
17 Andrei Alvarez Lake County F
9 Juan Bermudez Lake County M
5 Xavier Corona Morton D
6 Rene Leon Morton D
10 Damien McGee Morton M
10 Josue Medina Elgin M
31 Pawel Rycharczyk Moraine Valley F
12 Erick Angeles McHenry M

2012 Player of the Year

# Name College Pos
Lukman Ahmed Shaibu Prairie State F

2012 Coach of the Year

# Name College Pos
Brett Suhayda Waubonsee

2012 Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference Champions


2012 All-Conference Second Team

# Name College Pos
6 Alvaro Perez Waubonsee M
8 Josue Martinez Waubonsee M
11 Angel Diaz Waubonsee D
19 Juan Bustamante Waubonsee M
22 Juan Perez Waubonsee D
7 Juan Mendez Oakton M
11 Fabian Azofeifa Oakton M
10 Jesus Medina Oakton M/F
31 Alejandro Blancas Oakton D
20 Chidozie Nwagbara Oakton D/M
11 Alexis Ferreira da Silva Prairie State M
23 Kyle Burry Prairie State F
5 Angel Cedeno Prairie State D
18 Austin Haire Prairie State D
2 Tony Lopez Morton D
7 Caio Ferro da Silva Morton D
2 Julio Vega Morton F
4 Mauricio Arellano Elgin D
6 Carlos Moreno Elgin M
5 Kris Dolinsky Moraine Valley M
6 Luis Navarrete Moraine Valley M
7 Edward Vallejo Moraine Valley M
25 Eddie Vazquez McHenry D


College of Lake County Liam Lacy
Elgin Community College Dean Smith
McHenry County College Karl Smith
Moraine Valley Comm. Col.
Morton College Juan Franco
Oakton Community College Steve Brody
Prairie State College Carlos Reyes
Waubonsee Comm. College Brett Suhayda

Procedures & Guidelines

Revised: August 2010

I. Starting Date

A. Same as NJCAA Guidelines

II. Number of Contests

A. Same as NJCAA guidelines

III. Procedures and Special Items

A. There will be a meeting of the Conference Coaches on or before November 1. This meeting will proceed the Region IV meeting which will be held immediately after the Conference meeting on the same day.

B. The host school will be responsible for assigning a referee and two linesmen for each game and using an independent assignor.

C. Conference contests will be scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a 4:00 p.m. starting time as long a time change comes after a season.

D. The conference champions will be decided by a single round robin tournament alternated home and away each year.

E. Facilities must be adequate to accommodate the sport safely.

F. Dimensions of the goal will be checked to insure conformity according to the rules.

G. Red Cards - Players receiving a red card (double yellow) will be ineligible for participation in the next played game, not a forfeited game.

H. Coaches will exchange player’s red and yellow card infractions per NJCAA rules before the game.

I. Coaches will exchange up to date rosters prior to game.

J. Home team will be responsible for having at least two ball chasers.

K. Any player receiving a yellow card must immediately leave the field. The player may reenter according to the current NJCAA rules.

L. Two 10-minute sudden death overtimes will be played – (NO SHOOT OUTS).

M. Unlimited substitutions

N. 3 points will be awarded for a win and 1 point will be awarded for a tie when determining a champion.

IV. All-Conference Team

A. Each coach will select the players from their team who he/she feels deserve All-Conference honors.

B. Coaches, or their representative, will vote for the All-Conference team.

C. A player must have played in at least half of the Conference games to be nominated.

D. Only conference statistics and performance can be used in determining the All-Conference team.

E. The All-Conference team will consist of twenty-two (22) players to include at least one goalkeeper.

F. The number of players each team will get on the All-Conference First Team will be determined by how they finish in the standings: The first place team will get 6 players, second place 4 players, third place 3 players, fourth place 3 players, fifth place 2 players, sixth place 1 player, seventh place 1 player and eighth place 1 player.

G. The goalkeeper will be voted on by the coaches or their representative at the meeting.

H. The All-Conference Second Team cannot exceed the number of players who made the first team (22).

I. If more than 22 players are nominated, the All-conference Second Team will be determined by a coaches’ vote at the meeting.

J. Coaches cannot vote for members of his/her own team.

K. There are no secret ballots.

V. All Conference Awards

A. All-Conference players will receive gold medallions.

B. There will also be a plaque for "Player-of-the-Year".

C. Coaches will select a Coach-of-the-Year.

VI. Ending Date

A. National Tournament.


There are no current headlines available.

Conference Standings

2016 Season
Place Team Points W L T PCT
1st Waubonsee 21 7 0 0 1.000
2nd Morton 16 5 1 1 .786
3rd Prairie 15 5 2 0 .714
4th Moraine 11 3 3 1 .500
5th Oakton 9 2 2 2 .500
6th Elgin 3 1 4 0 .200
6th McHenry 3 1 6 0 .143
8th Lake County 0 0 6 0 .000
2015 Season
Place Team Points W L T PCT
1st Moraine 19 6 0 1 .929
2nd Morton 13 4 2 1 .643
3rd Elgin 12 4 3 0 .571
3rd Waubonsee 12 4 3 0 .571
5th Oakton 10 3 3 1 .500
5th Prairie 10 3 3 1 .500
7th McHenry 6 2 5 0 .286
8th Lake County 0 0 7 0 .000
2014 Season
Place Team Points W L T PCT
1st Oakton 21 7 0 0 1.000
2nd Morton 18 6 1 0 .857
3rd Prairie 13 4 2 1 .643
4th Moraine 7 2 4 1 .357
4th Waubonsee 7 2 4 1 .357
6th Lake County 6 2 5 0 .286
7th McHenry 5 1 4 2 .286
8th Elgin 3 0 4 3 .214
2013 Season
Place Team Points W L T PCT
1st Waubonsee 21 7 0 0 1.000
2nd Moraine 12 4 3 0 .571
2nd Oakton 12 4 3 0 .571
4th Prairie State 11 3 2 2 .571
5th Morton 10 3 3 1 .500
6th Elgin 7 2 4 1 .357
6th McHenry 7 2 4 1 .357
8th Lake County 1 0 6 1 .071
2012 Season
Place Team Points W L T PCT
1st Waubonsee 19 6 0 1 .929
2nd Oakton 18 6 1 0 .857
3rd Prairie State 15 5 2 0 .714
4th Lake County 9 3 4 0 .429
4th Morton 9 3 4 0 .429
6th Elgin 7 2 4 1 .357
7th Moraine 5 1 4 2 .286
8th McHenry 0 0 7 0 .000
2011 Season
Place Team Points W L T PCT
1st Oakton 21 7 0 0 1.000
2nd Prairie State 15 5 2 0 .714
3rd Lake County 14 4 1 2 .714
4th Moraine 11 3 2 2 .571
5th Morton 10 3 3 1 .500
6th Elgin 7 2 4 1 .357
7th Waubonsee 3 1 6 0 .143
8th McHenry 0 0 7 0 .000
2010 Season
Place Team Points W L PCT
1st Oakton 21 7 0 1.000
2nd Morton 15 5 2 .714
2nd Moraine Valley 15 5 2 .714
2nd Elgin 15 5 2 .714
5th Prairie State 9 3 4 .429
6th McHenry 6 2 5 .286
7th Lake County 3 1 6 .143
8th Waubonsee 0 0 7 .000