Men's BasketballIllinois Skyway Collegiate Conference

The Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference men's basketball schedule is a double round robin format. The conference season begins January 17 and ends February 26. Games are played on Tuesday, Thursday and two Saturdays. The conference champion is determined by the best won-lost record. The ISCC men's basketball chairman is Kent Payne of Elgin Community College. Visit to get up-to-date national rankings and individual statistical leaders.

ISCC 2017-18 Men’s Basketball Conference

Player of the Year: Catoni' Collins - Lake County
Coach of the Year:
Aaron Rolle - Morton

First Team
Catoni' Collins - Lake County
Dwayne McNutt - Prairie State
Cortez King - Moraine Valley
Deshawn Wilson - Moraine Valley
Darius Jones - Oakton
Mason Vires - Morton
Deonte McReynolds - Morton
Xavier Williams - Elgin
Darnell Wright - Waubonsee
D.J. Deere - Waubonsee

Second Team
Alex St. Pierre - McHenry
Chris Winters - Prairie State
Jarrod Stonis - Lake County
Jake Neisman - Waubonsee
Kyle Oden - Prairie State
Johnny Flynn - Elgin
David Grey - Moraine Valley
Jaelin Ferrell - Oakton
Larenzo Moore - Morton
Demetrius Ewing - Waubonsee
Alexio Ramirez - Lake County

All Conference Team

2016-17 All-Conference

Player of the Year:
Tafari Beckford - Oakton CC
Coach of the Year: David Heiss - Waubonsee CC

First Team
Ryan Matthew—Oakton CC
Desmond Trapp—Prairie State C
Todd Smith—Prairie State C
Tommy Demogerontas—MVCC
Nick Sims—MVCC
Tyrone Carey—Waubonsee CC
Germaine Roebuck—Waubonsee CC
Alec Goetz—Waubonsee CC
Chris Benjamin—Elgin CC
Homer Denson—Elgin CC
Tyler Lewis - McHenry CC

Second Team
Ethan Sage—College of Lake County
Deonte McReynolds—Morton C
Pat Hamilton—Oakton CC
Marion Johnson—Oakton CC
Joshua Watkins—Prairie State C
Jason Roland—MVCC
Jordan Radcliff—MVCC
Deon Ward—Waubonsee CC
Charles Sanders—Elgin CC
Jordan Anderson—Elgin CC
Weston Buckner—McHenry C

2015-2016 All Conference
Coach of the Year
Reed Nosbisch (Elgin)

Player of the Year
Brett Rau (Elgin)

First Team
A.J. Washington (Elgin)
Brett Rau (Elgin)
Kyle Oden (Prairie State)
Remy Price (Morton College)
Tim Washington (Morton College)
Tyler Lewis (McHenry)
Ermias Nega (Moraine Valley)
Tommy Demogerontas (Moraine Valley)
John Stark (Waubonsee)
Trae Stott (Oakton)
Jordan Taylor (Lake County)
Jovan Jokic (Lake County)

Second Team
Todd Smith (Prairie State)
Josh Watkins (Prairie State)
Dalton Shaner (Elgin)
Chris Soczek (Morton College)
Devonte Coe (Morton College)
Eric Grens (McHenry)
Tyler Baker (McHenry)
Luke Hook (Moraine Valley)
Naiem Johnson (Waubonsee)
Mike Hoffman (Oakton)
Arthell Rosquist (Lake County)
D.J. Ostrander (Lake County)

2014-2015 All-Conference
Coach of the Year
David Howard (Moraine Valley)
Player of the Year
Nick Dixon (Morton)
First Team
Rodney Smith (Prairie State)
Jalen Miller (Prairie State)
Brian Townsend (Moraine Valley)
Niko Cahue (Moraine Valley)
Eric Quall (Lake County)
Henry French (Lake County)
Nick Dixon (Morton)
Matt Chaltin (Elgin)
Zack Harris (Elgin)
Chris Menard (Oakton)
Josh Lynn (Waubonsee)
Jayquan Lee (Waubonsee)
Second Team
Rayshaun Bruce (Prairie State)
Ermias Nega (Moraine Valley)
Deeland Deere (Moraine Valley)
Gabriel Ramirez (Lake County)
Tim Washington (Morton)
Devin Harrison (Morton)
Justin Allen (Elgin)
Ryan Cork (Elgin)
Mamadon Diarra (Oakton)
Drew Handville (McHenry County)
Chris Oseitutu (McHenry County)
Justin Rhotan (Waubonsee)

2013-2014 All-Conference

Coach of the Year

Mick Reuter (Oakton Community College)

Player of the Year
Nick Dixon (Morton College)

First Team
Nick Dixon (Morton College)
Jerry Gaylor (College of Lake County)
Jake Hill (Oakton Community College)
Joe Hughes (Prairie State College)
Raheem Jackson (Waubonsee Community College)
Josh Lynn (Waubonsee Community College)
Nick Malonga (McHenry County College)
Sam Mitchell (Oakton Community College)
Brock Ralphs (Elgin Community College)
Rodney Smith (Prairie State College)
Jimmy Stamas (Morton College)
Kyle Ward (Moraine Valley)
Second Team
Chadd Bailey (College of Lake County)
Najee Bailey (Oakton Community College)
Davion Bell (College of Lake County)
Matt Chaltin (Elgin Community College)
Chris Freeman (Oakton Community College)
Adrian Jeffries (Prairie State College)
Raynard Judkins (Elgin Community College)
Johnte Shannon (Moraine Valley Community College)
Nick Townes (Waubonsee Community College)
Demarcus Vines (McHenry County College)
Torin Washington (McHenry County College)

2012-2013 All-Conference
Player of the Year
Karrington Ward (Moraine Valley Community College)
First Team
Zach Cooper (Elgin Community College)
Antonio Foster (Morton College)
Marcus Franklin (Waubonsee Community College)
Jerry Gaylor (College of Lake County)
Tim Hardy (Prairie State College)
Darryl Hervey (Moraine Valley Community College)
Joe Hughes (Prairie State College)
Kijaune Leach (Morton College)
Mario Mann (McHenry County College)
Chris Medard (Oakton Community College)
D. J. Vaughn (Waubonsee Community College)
Karrington Ward (Moraine Valley Community College)

Second Team
Kendall Frank (McHenry County College)
Tommy Green (Prairie State College)
DeMarques Heard (Prairie State College)
Jacquez Jonez (Morton College)
Sam Mitchell (Oakton Community College)
Marquell Pierce (Moraine Valley Community College)
Johnte Shannon (Moraine Valley Community College)
Jimmy Stamas (Morton College)
Anthony Starks (College of Lake County)
Nick Townes (Waubonsee Community College)
Brandon Tyson (Elgin Community College)
Tramell Weathersby (Waubonsee Community College)
2011-2012 All-Conference
Coach of the Year
Dedrick Shannon (Moraine Valley Community College)
Player of the Year
Richaun Holmes (Moraine Valley Community College)
First Team
Richaun Holmes (Moraine Valley Community College)
Modestas Masilionus (Moraine Valley Community College)
Mike Jackson (Moraine Valley Community College)
Deontry Dorsey (Waubonsee Community College)
Melvin Rowe (Waubonsee Community College)
Chris Lockhart (Prairie State College)
Corey Rau (Elgin Community College)
Mike Banks (Elgin Community College)
Jalen Riley (College of Lake County)
Alex Morgunov (College of Lake County)
Demarius Miller (Morton College)
Giovanni Bray (Oakton Community College)
Second Team
Brandon Williams (Prairie State College)
Darius White (Prairie State College)
Lance Vesper (Elgin Community College)
Mershon Wilkes (McHenry County College)
Eric Wilde (McHenry County College)
Alex Marzette (College of Lake County)
LaBarron Hull (McHenry County College)
Najee Bailey (Oakton Community College)
Phil Bishkinsky (Morton College)
Jarvis Griffin (Waubonsee Community College)
Lane Barlow (Moraine Valley Community College)
Markus Franklin (Waubonsee Community College)

2010-2011 All-Conference
Coach of the Year
Frank Lollino Jr. (Morton College)
Co-Players of the Year
Floyd Battle & Dionta Moore (Morton College)
First Team
Johnny Paden (Elgin)
Gil Sheehan (Lake County)
Jemarkus Lovett (McHenry)
Morris Woods (Moraine Valley)
Dionta Moore (Morton)
Floyd Battle (Morton)
Javon Robinson (Morton)
Antonio Foster (Oakton)
Anthony Grant (Prairie State)
Aalon Williams (Prairie State)
Marcus Cocroft (Waubonsee)
Danny Fernandez (Waubonsee)
Second Team
Jeff Jackson (Morton)
Louis Green (Moraine Valley)
Kennedy Jones (Moraine Valley)
Chris Madson (McHenry)
Tommie Smith (Lake County)
Alex Morgonov (Lake County)
Desmond Young (Prairie State)
Dexter Turner (Waubonsee)
Adam Taylor (Waubonsee)
Harold Ridgeway (Oakton)
Marquis Lobdell (Elgin)
Devin Powell (Elgin)

2008-2009 All-Conference
First Team
Xavier Patterson (Morton College)
Dorian Tyler (Morton College)
Second Team
Jerome Robinson (Morton College)
Kentrall Wilson (Morton College)

2007-2008 All-Conference
Coach of the Year
Steve Ryan (McHenry County College)

Player of the Year
Jasmine Neal (McHenry County College)

irst Team
Brandon Williams (Morton College)
Jasmine Neal (McHenry County College)
Tyler Carr (Oakton Community College)
Ronald King (Prairie State College)
Ryan Harris (Elgin Community College)
Martell Nelson (Prairie State College)
Torrian Minor (Waubonsee Community College)
James Walker (Waubonsee Community College)
Luse Mundadi (College of Lake County)
Tim Bryant (College of Lake County)
Second Team
Marlon Murphy (Morton College)
Xavier Patterson (Morton College)
Marcus Simmons (Morton College)
Donny Malic (Moraine Valley Community College)
Roy Beard (Moraine Valley Community College)
Larrell Gary (Moraine Valley Community College)
Mike Saris (McHenry County College)
Roger Porterfield (McHenry County College)
Lee Morris (McHenry County College)
Shaun Collins (Oakton Community College)
Darrell Jones (Oakton Community College)
Ray Idelburg (College of Lake County)
Darrell King (College of Lake County)
Julian Jones (College of Lake County)
Jonathan Shields (Waubonsee Community College)
Bryson Hardin (Waubonsee Community College)
Royalend Rice (Prairie State College)
David Brown (Prairie State College)
Danny Fair (Prairie State College)
Corey Rau (Elgin Community College)

2006-2007 All-Conference
Coach of the Year
Steve Pratt (Oakton Community College)

Player of the Year
Byran Pilronen (Oakton Community College)

First Team
Brandon Williams (Morton College)
Byran Pilronen (Oakton Community College)
Ryan Brown (Oakton Community College)
Jerrod Tucker (Oakton Community College)
Doug Seider (Elgin Community College)
Nick Edwards (Elgin Community College)
George White (McHenry County College)
Jasmin Neal (McHenry County College)
Andrae Lyles (Waubonsee Community College)
Larry Woods (Moraine Valley Community College)
John Chimino (Moraine Valley Community College)
Ronald King (Prairie State Community College)

Second Team
Hozay McGaha (Morton College)
Donnell Wilkins (Morton College)
Victor Zavala (Morton College)
Kermit Delushment (Waubonsee Community College)
Johnny Walker (Waubonsee Community College)
Stephen Evans (Oakton Community College)
Marlon Johnson (Oakton Community College)
Jeron Johnson (College of Lake County)
Dionte Dolly (College of Lake County)
Stacey Anderson (Oakton Community College)
Donsheno Sanders (McHenry County College)
Mahmood Ghouleh (Moraine Valley Community College)
Ryan Clark (Elgin Community College)

2004-2005 All-Conference
Coach of the Year
Tony Amarino (Morton College)

Player of the Year
Christopher Hobson (Moraine Valley Community College)
First Team
Matt Bogue (Morton College)
Jason Opoka (Morton College)
Jeff Triplett (Morton College)
Melvin Beasley (McHenry County College)
Mike Ferrera (McHenry County College)
Mike Leonard (Waubonsee Community College)
Mike Simms (Waubonsee Community College)
Jose Garcia (College of Lake County)
Aaron Jones (College of Lake County)
Christopher Hobson (Moraine Valley Community College)
Darnell Howell (Prairie State College)
Johnathon Gray (Prairie State College)
Second Team
Daniel Buchanan (Morton College)
Bill Bendoraitis (Morton College)
Quentin Vaughn (McHenry County College)
David Marshall (McHenry County College)
Dasaan Sanford (Waubonsee Community College)
Jarrett Starwood (Waubonsee Community College)
Austin Yarc (College of Lake County)
Kenny Saunders (College of Lake County)
Curshawn Pullen (Moraine Valley Community College)
Mahmood Ghouleh (Moraine Valley Community College)
Deonta Hollins (Prairie State College)
Adam Ortiz (Elgin Community College)
Mark Banks (Oakton Community College)
Saliou Dioum (Oakton Community College)

2003-2004 All-Conference
First Team
Nathan Marshall (Morton)
Peter Szczepaniak (Morton)
Second Team
Jason Opoka (Morton)
William Watson (Morton)

2002-2003 All-Conference
Player of the Year
Rashad McSwine (Morton College)

Coach of the Year
Dave Heiss (Waubonsee)
First Team
Rashad McSwine (Morton College)
Laron Reed (Morton College)
Wayne Lee (Waubonsee)
Quintin Howard (Waubonsee)
Donnie Reynolds (Moraine Valley)
Ryan O'Reilly (Moraine Valley)
Aaron Doss (Elgin)
Jim Smith (McHenry)
Courtney Fergerson (McHenry)
John Vigna (Oakton)

Honorable Mention
Brett Van Hooser (Waubonsee)
Matt Hursten (Waubonsee)
Delanious Rowan (Moraine Valley)
Chris Lewis (Moraine Valley)
Marcus Theus (Morton College)
Nathan Marshall (Morton College)
Josh Stevenson (Elgin)
Tony Wright (Elgin)
Marc Harvey (Lake County)
Robert Bankhead (Lake County)
Chris Marvel (McHenry)
James Nash (Oakton)

2001-2002 All-Conference
Player of the Year
Larry Skinner (Morton College)

First Team
Larry Skinner (Morton College)
Rashad McSwine (Morton College)

1999-2000 All-Conference
Coach of the Year
Bill Finn (Moraine Valley)

Player of the Year
Eddie King (Morton College)

First Team
Shane O’Donoghue (Moraine Valley)
Jamar Thompkins (Moraine Valley)
Michael Considine (Morton College)
Eddie King (Morton College)
Donnell Ausley (Waubonsee)
Irving Richardson (Waubonsee)
Anthony Florence (Elgin)
Kevin Iverson (Elgin)
Aaron Artz (Oakton)
Cameron Reynolds (McHenry)

1998-1999 All-Conference
Coach of the Year
Dave Heiss (Waubonsee)

Player of the Year
Tiras Smith (Waubonsee)

First Team
George Poulakidas (Waubonsee)
T.J. Scales (Waubonsee)
Tiras Smith (Waubonsee)
D’Andre Owens (Elgin)
Terrence Shannon (Elgin)
Michael Considine (Morton College)
Deon Tolliver (Morton College)
Bill Neubaur (Moraine Valley)
Shane O’Donoghue (Moraine Valley)
Russell Robinson (Oakton)
Elliott Green (McHenry)

Second Team
David Hicks (Waubonsee)
James Patrick (Waubonsee)
Lee Straughter (Waubonsee)
Anthony Florence (Elgin)
Kevin Iverson (Elgin)
Eddie King (Morton College)
Milton Taylor (Morton College)
Dan Krysh (McHenry)
Tom Wicinski (Lake County)

1997-1998 All-Conference
Co-Coaches of the Year
Dave Heiss (Waubonsee) and Jerry Tokars (Moraine Valley)
Player of the Year
Ephraim Eaddy (Moraine Valley)
First Team
Nick Temen (Morton College)
James Johnson (Morton College)
Warren Brookson (Waubonsee)
Tiras Smith (Waubonsee)
Ephraim Eaddy (Moraine Valley)
Bill Neubauer (Moraine Valley)
Jim Gallagher (McHenry)
Scherone Clark (Oakton)
Adam Becker (Lake County)
Terrance Shannon (Elgin)
Second Team
Ron Chaney (Waubonsee)
George Poulakidas (Waubonsee)
Brian Searcy (Waubonsee)
Antoine Westbrook (Moraine Valley)
Jeff Fleming (Morton College)
Deon Tolliver (Morton College)
Nick Nichols (McHenry)
Brian James (Oakton)
Andy Lang (Oakton)
Doug Rettig (Lake County)

1996-1997 All-Conference
Co-Coaches of the Year
Tony Amarino (Morton College) and Joe Wharton (Elgin)
Player of the Year
Kevin Jones (Morton College)

First Team
Kevin Jones (Morton College)
Jeff Fleming (Morton College)
James Johnson (Morton College)
Kevin DePiazza (Elgin)
Willie Duncan (Elgin)
Randy Byron (Moraine Valley)
Iverson Wynn (Waubonsee)
Jeff Potts (McHenry)
Kelan Williams (Lake County)
Andy Lange (Oakton)

1995-1996 All-Conference
Coach of the Year
Bill Finn (Moraine Valley)
Player of the Year
Bill Roman (Moraine Valley)
First Team
Ray Patton (Morton College)
Kevin Jones (Morton College)
Carrice High (Moraine Valley)
Bill Roman (Moraine Valley)
Kevin DePiazza (Elgin)
Joe Hutchins (Waubonsee)
Lance Surridge (Waubonsee)
Toron Clark (Oakton)
Brian Culhane (Oakton)
Dana Rasmussen (McHenry)

1994-1995 All-Conference
Coach of the Year
Joe Wharton (Elgin)
Player of the Year
Dwayne Dotson (Elgin)
First Team
Jeff Bills (Morton College)
Dwayne Dotson (Elgin)
Danny Engle (Elgin)
Aaron Schumpert (Elgin)
Eric Zierk (Elgin)
Nick Gengo (Oakton)
Sean Moore (Oakton)
Manuel Stutts (Lake County)
Tyrone Williams (Waubonsee)
Dana Rasmussen (McHenry)

1993-1994 All-Conference
First Team
Mack Brown (Morton College)
Ken Rostek (Morton College)
Rob Layton (Oakton)
Maury Leitzke (McHenry)
Sherrick Simpson (Elgin)
Abe Edwards (Waubonsee)
Danny Engle (Elgin)
Scott Burnett (Elgin)
Jaston Hanlin (Lake County)
Shean Moore (Oakton)

1992-1993 All-Conference
First Team
Cory Chandler (Morton College)
Eddie White (Lake County)
Andy Klemen (Oakton)
Rob Layton (Oakton)
Tony Lawrence (Waubonsee)
Shawn Jenkins (Waubonsee)
Maurice Thomas (Waubonsee)
David Montgomery (Lake County)
Iran Garcia (Elgin)

1991-1992 All-Conference
Coach of the Year
Dave Heiss (Waubonsee Community College)

Player of the Year
Anthony Harris (Waubonsee Community College)

First Team
Pat Brown (Morton College)
Marcus Zachary (College of Lake County)
Mike Hetterman (McHenry County College)
Dave Crittle (Oakton Community College)
Andy Klemen (Oakton Community College)
Vonzell McGrew (Oakton Community College)
Dwight Litzsey (Truman College)
Anthony Harris (Waubonsee Community College)
Anthony Lawrence (Waubonsee Community College)
Eric Perez (Waubonsee Community College)

1990-1991 All-Conference
Coach of the Year
Dave Heiss (Waubonsee Community College)

Player of the Year
David Bacon (Waubonsee Community College)

First Team
Wendell Phillips (Morton College)
Chris Stokes (Elgin)
Corey Statham (Lake County)
Fred Bush (McHenry)
Steve Vrbancic (Oakton)
Kory Little (Truman)
Duron Hebron (Truman)
David Bacon (Waubonsee)
Kevin Nichols (Waubonsee)
Durell Williams (Waubonsee)

1989-1990 All-Conference
Coach of the Year
Dave Heiss (Waubonsee Community College)

Player of the Year
Larry Walters (Waubonsee Community College)

First Team
Greg Green (Lake County)
Marvin McGrew (Morton College)
Earnest Mackey (Morton College)
Jason Abramavicius (Morton College)
Steve Vrbancic (Oakton)
Dan Poelinitz (Truman)
Ken Owens (Truman)
Larry Walters (Waubonsee)
David Bacon (Waubonsee)
Terry Davenport (Waubonsee)

1988-1989 All-Conference
First Team
Marvin McGrew (Morton College)

1987-1988 All-Conference
First Team
Curtis Eldridge (Morton College)
Harvey Turner (Morton College)

1986-1987 All-Conference
First Team
George Kaspar (Morton College)

1985-1986 All-Conference
First Team
Chris Palermo (Morton College)
1983-1984 All-Conference
First Team
Craig Gaska (Morton College)
1982-1983 All-Conference
First Team
Brent Clayton (Morton College)

1981-1982 All-Conference
First Team
Steve Freeman (Morton College)

1980-1981 All-Conference
First Team
Bill Ledvort (Morton College)

1979-1980 All-Conference
First Team
Ed Sailer (Morton College)

1978-1979 All-Conference
First Team
Bob Vais (Morton College)
Bob Ramian (Elgin Community College)
Mike Dickens (Oakton Community College)
Dan Relaz (Truman College)
Bo Clark (Waubonsee Community College)
Phil Forte (Waubonsee Community College)

Second Team
Mark Hill (College of Lake County)
Kyle Hornor (McHenry County College)
Dan Halverson (College of Lake County)
Joe Thornton (Elgin Community College)
Dale Howling (Elgin Community College)

Honorable Mention
Scott Pope (Morton College)
Don Carlson (Elgin Community College)
Tim Brix (McHenry County College)
Finch Pattas (College of Lake County)
Scott Lamos (McHenry County College)

1977-1978 All-Conference
First Team
Tom Arns (Oakton Community College)
Ivy Clark (Waubonsee Community College)
Keith Halverson (College of Lake County)
Dave Jackson (McHenry County College)
Tracy LeSure (Waubonsee Community College)
Mike Marzullo (Elgin Community College)
John McQuade (Waubonsee Community College)
Bob Ramian (Elgin Community College)
Ricky Tipton (Truman College)
Mike Tylkowski (College of Lake County)

Honorable Mention
Jim De Stefano (Morton College)
Scott Pope (Morton College)
Chris Calhoun (College of Lake County)
Mitch Witt (College of Lake County)
Dan Carlson (Elgin Community College)
Dennis Walsh (Truman College)



College of Lake County Chuck Ramsey
Elgin Community College Reed Nosbisch
McHenry County College Dave Pettit
Moraine Valley Comm. College Anthony Amarino
Morton Community College Aaron Rolle
Oakton Community College Mick Reuter
Prairie State College Mike Manderino
Waubonsee Community College Dave Heiss

Procedures & Guidelines

Revised: August 2010

I. Starting Date

A. Same as NJCAA guidelines.

II. Number of Contests

A. Same as NJCAA guidelines.

III. Procedures and Special Items

A. The Rawlings 8-panel wide channel basketball will be used for all Illinois Skyway games.

B. The host school shall provide at least six basketballs for visiting team to use.

C. The starting time for all Illinois Skyway basketball games will be 5:30 p.m. for women and 7:15 p.m. for men or 20 minutes after completion of the women’s game. If both colleges agree (Athletic Directors), the game time may be moved, to start between 5:00 p.m. – 5:25 p.m.. Introductions should begin at 5:25 p.m.

D. Each team should arrive no later than the starting time of the game and be ready to play no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled time. If the above criteria are not met, the contest would be forfeited. This rule could be waived in the event of any uncontrollable circumstances such as emergency weather and/or vehicle breakdowns problems. All appeals will be directed to the grievance committee.

E. All the basketball games between members of the Illinois Skyway must be agreed to upon with contracts furnished to all members.

F. The conference championships will be determined by the best won/lost record in conference play.

G. If a tie occurs co‑champions will be declared and trophies will be awarded to each school.

H. The Basketball Chairperson will call a meeting of all coaches within two weeks of the conclusion of the conference schedule. The purpose of this meeting will be to select the all conference team members, the Player-of-the-Year, the Coach-of-the-Year, and to make recommendations to the athletic directors for changes in procedures.

I. The scoring table officials should be adults and trained.

J. A Supervisor of Basketball Officials will be appointed by the Board of Control to assign all Illinois Skyway games.

K. Non-Conference games may be assigned by someone other than the Illinois Skyway Supervisor of Basketball Officials.

L. The annual Compensation and duties of the Supervisor of Basketball Officials are to be determined and approved by the Board of Control.

M. A preseason meeting of the Supervisor of Basketball Officials, Basketball Coaches and Officials may take place in September. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the points of emphasis and code of conduct.

N. A post-season meeting of the Supervisor of Basketball Officials and basketball coaches may take place in April. The purpose of the meeting will be to review all current Illinois Skyway basketball officials and to make recommendations for the following year.

O. Potential conflict of interest should be avoided in the hiring of any individual to serve as a basketball official in the Illinois Skyway Conference. In cases where a potential conflict is known to exist, prior approval of the Conference Athletic Directors will be required.

P. Basketball Officials cannot substitute for themselves. Substitution must be done by the Supervisor of Basketball Officials.

Q. If a substitution occurs, the Supervisor of Basketball Officials will be informing the two Athletic Directors of the colleges included in the game.

S. The pay rate of basketball officials will be determined annually by the Board of Control.

T. Basketball coaches are asked to complete the official’s evaluation form within (48) hours after a game and mail it to the Supervisor of Basketball Officials.

U. The last two Saturdays of the season are to be kept open for any make-up games due to weather. If agreed upon by both coaches a make-up game can be done earlier.

IV. All Conference Awards

A. Each coach shall nominate the players from their team who they feel deserve All Conference consideration. A coach cannot vote for players from their own team.

B. Twelve All Conference players will be chosen by the coaches and a gold medallion will be awarded to each player.

C. There cannot be a tie for the last All Conference position.

D. A Player-of-the-Year will be chosen from the Twelve All Conference players and will receive a trophy in addition to a medallion. Coaches may not vote for their own player.

E. A coach or representative from each member institution must be present to vote.

F. The Coach-of-the-Year award will be selected by using the Skyway Conference guidelines.

V. Ending Date

A. National Tournament.

Photo Gallery


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Conference Standings

2019 Season
Place Team
1st Waubonsee
1st Lake County
1st Elgin
1st McHenry
1st Morton
1st Oakton
1st Prairie
1st Moraine
2018 Season
Place Team W L PCT
1st Morton 11 3 .786
2nd Moraine 10 4 .714
3rd Prairie 9 5 .643
3rd Waubonsee 9 5 .643
5th Lake County 8 6 .571
6th Elgin 5 9 .357
7th Oakton 4 10 .286
8th McHenry 0 14 .000
2017 Season
Place Team W L PCT
1st Waubonsee 11 3 .786
1st Elgin 11 3 .786
3rd Oakton 10 4 .714
4th Prairie 9 5 .643
5th Moraine 8 6 .571
6th Morton 4 10 .286
7th McHenry 2 12 .143
8th Lake County 1 13 .071
2016 Season
Place Team W L PCT
1st Elgin 10 4 .714
1st Moraine 10 4 .714
3rd Lake County 9 5 .643
3rd McHenry 9 5 .643
3rd Morton 9 5 .643
6th Prairie 4 10 .286
7th Waubonsee 3 11 .214
8th Oakton 2 12 .143
2015 Season
Place Team W L PCT
1st Moraine 11 3 .786
2nd Lake County 10 4 .714
2nd Morton 10 4 .714
4th Elgin 9 5 .643
5th Waubonsee 5 9 .357
6th Oakton 4 10 .286
6th Prairie 4 10 .286
8th McHenry 3 11 .214
2014 Season
Place Team W L PCT
1st Morton 9 5 .643
1st Oakton 9 5 .643
1st Prairie 9 5 .643
4th Lake County 8 6 .571
5th Waubonsee 7 7 .500
6th Elgin 6 8 .429
7th McHenry 4 10 .286
7th Moraine 4 10 .286
2013 Season
Place Team W L PCT
1st Moraine 12 2 .857
1st Morton 12 2 .857
1st Waubonsee 12 2 .857
4th Prairie State 7 7 .500
5th Oakton 6 8 .429
6th Lake County 4 10 .286
7th Elgin 2 12 .143
8th McHenry 1 13 .071
2012 Season
Place Team W L PCT
1st Waubonsee 12 2 .857
1st Moraine 12 2 .857
3rd Lake County 7 7 .500
3rd Elgin 7 7 .500
5th McHenry 5 9 .357
5th Morton 5 9 .357
5th Prairie 5 9 .357
8th Oakton 3 11 .214
2011 Season
Place Team W L PCT
1st Morton 14 0 1.000
2nd Prairie State 10 4 .714
3rd Waubonsee 9 5 .643
4th Lake County 7 7 .500
5th Moraine Valley 6 8 .429
5th Elgin 6 8 .429
7th McHenry 2 12 .143
7th Oakton 2 12 .143