Women's Cross CountryIllinois Skyway Collegiate Conference

The Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference Women's Cross Country Conference Champion is decided by one conference meet. The women run a 5 kilometer course. The conference cross country chairman is Bill Finn of Moraine Valley Community College. Visit www.njcaa.org to get up to date national rankings and individual statistical leaders for most sports.

All Conference Team

2018 All-Conference Team
1 - Calista Stefanik (Moraine Valley) 20:21.70
2 - Daphne Kolody (Waubonsee) 20:45.79
3 - Gaby Juarez (Waubonsee) 21:00.54
4 - Victoria Granz (Moraine Valley) 21:40.23
5 - Liliana Avitia (Morton College) 21:43.96
6 - Madison Krisch (Moraine Valley) 22:04.86
7 - Maira Weitkamp (Waubonsee) 22:09.55
8 - Jacqueline Betancourt (Lake County) 22:21.44
9 - Sophia Martinez (Lake County) 22:54.06
10 - Maria De Leon (Morton College) 23:26.94

2017 All-Conference Team
1 - Emma McSpadden (Waubonsee) 20:02.87
2 - Cindy Alcala (Lake County) 21:05.51
3 - Calista Stefanik (Moraine Valley) 21:20.43
4 - Paloma Alcala (Lake County) 22:33.67
5 - Stephanie Paredes (Lake County) 22:33.69
6 - Theresa Orr (Moraine Valley) 22:42.32
7 - Jacqueline Betancourt (Lake County) 23:06.58
8 - Fabiola Castillo (Moraine Valley) 23:12.03
9 - Caitlin Griffin (Moraine Valley) 23:13.32
10 - Cassidy Schaus (Waubonsee) 23:14.29

2016 All-Conference Team
1 - Allyssa Weitkum (Lake County) 20:55.09
2 - Ruby Flores (Morton College) 20:55.20
3 - Sarah McCann (Moraine Valley) 21;13.73
4 - Yuliana Olivares (Moraine Valley) 21:27.11
5 - Hannah Funk (Moraine Valley) 21:40.12
6 - Ripley Vonhoff (Waubonsee) 21:47.53
7 - Kassidy Donohue (Waubonsee) 21:49.66
8 - Lluvia Chavarria (Lake County) 22:04.01
9 - Yoselin Gonzalez (Lake County) 22:06.07
10 - Paloma Alcala (Lake County) 22:09.39

2015 All-Conference Team
1 - Mariah Brown (Elgin) 20:42.90
2 - Nixa Del Real Robles (Waubonsee) 20:53.77
3 - Abby Correa (Moraine Valley) 21:12.22
4 - Stephanie Majewski (Moraine Valley) 21:12.81
5 - Hannah Funk (Moraine Valley) 21:18.78
6 - Yoselin Gonzalez (Lake County) 21:31.70
7 - Yuliana Olivares (Moraine Valley) 21:38.10
8 - Justine Ramirez (Morton College) 21:42.64
9 - Katherine Suopys (Lake County) 21:57.37
10 - Ripley Vonhoff (Waubonsee) 22:01.60

Runner of the Year
Mariah Brown (Elgin)

Coach of the Year
Mark Horstmeyer (Moraine Valley)

2014 All-Conference Team
1 - Sierra Downey (Morton College) 19:16.3
2 - Amanda Lesak (Waubonsee) 19:18.7
3 - Aileen Gorman (Moraine Valley) 19:28.4
4 - Real Del (Waubonsee) 20:04.1
5 - Carolyn Schneider (Elgin) 20:36.5
6 - Mariah Brown (Elgin) 20:51.6
7 - Abby Correa (Moraine Valley) 20:55.2
8 - Crystal Flores (Moraine Valley) 21:17.2
9 - Sara Sanchez (Morton College) 21:17.6
10 - Jackie Navarette (Moraine Valley) 21:53.2

Runner of the Year
Sierra Downey (Morton College)

2013 All-Conference Team
1 – Aileen Gorman (Moraine Valley) 20:10.8
2 – Jennifer Howland (Waubonsee) 20:33.3
3 – Amanda Lesak (Waubonsee) 20:53.9
4 – Brooklyn Hisle (Lake County) 21:10.2
5 – Larissa Swanson (Prairie State) 21:22.5
6 – Jazmin Zepeda (Waubonsee) 21:27.3
7 – Amanda Palquist (Waubonsee) 21:33.7
8 – Carolyn Schneider (Elgin) 21:37.8
9 – Lupe Machuca (Elgin) 21:40.0
10 – Mayra DeLuna (Lake County) 21:43.5

Runner of the Year

Aileen Gorman (Moraine Valley)

Coach of the Year
John Bell (Waubonsee)

2012 All-Conference Team
1 – Christina Luptak (Elgin) 19:37.6
2 – Jennifer Howland (Waubonsee) 19:51.6
3 – Ashlyn Mathy (Oakton) 20:31.1
4 – Maria Batista (Morton College) 20:32.5
5 – Amanda Palmquist (Waubonsee) 20:44.7
6 – Jazmin Zepeda (Waubonsee) 20:47.7
7 – Taylor Crawford (Elgin) 20:48.8
8 – Stephany Ramirez (Morton College) 20:49.8
9 – Ashley Leonetti (Waubonsee) 21:00.9
10 – Larissa Swanson (Prairie State) 21:04.3

Runner of the Year
Christina Luptak (Elgin)

Coach of the Year
John Bell (Waubonsee)
2011 ISCC Conference Champions
2011 ISCC Women's Runner of the Year
Paolo Salazar, Morton College
2011 ISCC Coach of the Year
Gus Coronado, Morton College
2011 First Team All Conference
Place Runner School Time
1st Paolo Salazar Morton College 19:41.4
2nd Maria Batista Morton College 19:52.8
3rd CJ Houlis Elgin Community College 20:11.8
4th Christina Luptak Elgin Community College 20:31.2
5th Alexandra Dovgin Moraine Valley Community College 21:03.9
6th Melissa Lindsay Waubonsee Community College 21:17.4
7th Elizabeth Tidei College of Lake County 21:18.9
8th Cande Pizano Moraine Valley Community College 21:33.2
9th Lauren Hallendorf College of Lake County 22:13.4
10th Jacquelyn O'Connor Moraine Valley Community College 22:32.5
2010 First Team All Conference
1st Place: Ashley Share Moraine Valley Community College 19:56.7
2nd Place: Danni Garcia Waubonsee Community College 20:06.3
3rd Place: Alexandra Dovgin Moraine Valley Community College 20:53.0
4th Place: Paolo Salazar Morton College 21:15.1
5th Place: CJ Houlis Elgin Community College 21:30.3
6th Place: Basty Portillo Morton College 21:46.8
7th Place: Cande Pizano Moraine Valley Community College 21:50.8
8th Place: Ana Galvez Oakton Community College 21:58.1
9th Place: Trudy Rodriguez Moraine Valley Community College 22:01.4
10th Place: Lisa Fitzgibbons College of Lake County 22:14.8
2009 First Team All Conference
1st Place: Hana Sutchar Elgin Community College 20:03.7
2nd Place: Ashley Shares Moraine Valley Community College 20:14.5
3rd Place: Jessica Marquez Morton College 21:46.0
4th Place: Erin Cinto Waubonsee Community College 22:43.0
5th Place: Marisela Rodriguez Moraine Valley Community College 23:38.0
6th Place: Juana Valle Morton College 23:39.7
7th Place: Kolisnyk Meroslawa Waubonsee Community College 24:03.7
8th Place: Jolie Malsonado Prairie State College 24:15.8
9th Place: Darlynn Sivilay Elgin Community College 24:17.6
10th Place: Alyssa Sowers College of Lake County 25:06.8

2008 First Team All Conference
1st Place: Valerie Cintron Waubonsee Community College 20:49.7
2nd Place: Jerrica Marquez Morton College 21:05.9
3rd Place: Rebecca Wheeler Waubonsee Community College 21:39.1
4th Place: Heather Cebulko Elgin Community College 21:50.6
5th Place: Lauren Burke Moraine Valley Community College 21:54.2
6th Place: Erin Cinto Waubonsee Community College 22:21.0
7th Place: Monica Gelezauskas Moraine Valley Community College 22:28.9
8th Place: Rebecca Lackowski Elgin Community College 22:37.1
9th Place: Kristina Ostrowski Elgin Community College 23:08.4
10th Place: Sara Merker Waubonsee Community College 23:15.9

2005 First Team All Conference

Virginia Alarcon, Yesenia Arriaga, Adriana Jimenez, Agnieska Kielar (Morton College)

2003 First Team All Conference
Maria Martinez and Brenda Zepeda (Morton College)

1998 All Conference Team
1st Place: Terri Walsh (Waubonsee Commuity College) 20:18
2nd Place: Jenny Cohen (Oakton Community College) 20:39
3rd Place: Chrissy Fitzpatrick (Waubonsee Community College) 20:56
4th Place: Sarah George (Waubonsee Community College) 21:08
5th Place: Megan Mitchell (College of Lake County) 21:29
6th Place: Katy Barry (College of Lake County) 21:56
7th Place: Jessica Juarez (Waubonsee Community College) 22:03
8th Place: Lourdes Navarro (Morton College) 22:04
9th Place: Trisha Rung (Waubonsee Community College) 22:39
10th Place: Shelly Calderon (Waubonsee Community College) 22:46

1988 All Conference Team
Shelley Hazel (College of Lake County)
Dee Dee Roche (College of Lake County)
Karen Whalen (College of Lake County)
- Only 3 selected for all-conference team

1986 All Conference Team
Deb Duehring (College of Lake County)
Denise Domanico (College of Lake County)
Denise Winkowski (College of Lake County)
Denise Cadeau (College of Lake County)
Brenda O'Connor (Oakton Community College)
April Van Sickle (College of Lake County)
- Only 6 selected for all-conference team

1985 All Conference Team
Maggie Walsh (Morton College)
Michelle Zimmerman (McHenry County College)
April Van Sickle (College of Lake County)
- Only 3 selected for all-conference team


ISCC College Head Coach E-Mail Address
College of Lake County Jorge Colin jcolin@clcillinois.edu
Elgin Community College Dan Schwarz dblogcabin@atcyber.net
McHenry County College No Team
Moraine Valley Community College Dimitri Dimizas dimizas.dimitri@gmail.com
Morton College Gus Coronado acoronado25@hotmail.com
Oakton Community College Kenvar Pujoe
Prairie State College Alex Moore amoore@prairiestate.edu
Waubonsee Community College Trevor Howard


Procedures & Guidelines

Revised: August 2010

I. Starting Date and Ending Date

A. Starting Date: Same as NJCAA guidelines.

B. Ending Date: National Meet.

II. Number of Contests

A. Same as NJCAA guidelines.

III. Procedures and Special Items

A. The conference meet with be a 5K course.

B. The women’s race will be held the same day as the men’s.

C. There will be no limit to the number of women who can run for their team in the conference meet. The top five women will count toward the team score. The next two runners will be “pushers”, and the remaining runners will not affect the score nor be eligible for All Conference.

D. For purposes of publicity, a “dead man” score will be given to all teams, which are incomplete.

E. Women runners may not run in the men’s race unless they do not have a NJCAA sanctioned women’s team.

F. The men and women will run separate races.

G. In order to be eligible to participate in the Illinois Skyway meet, runner must have participated in at least two college/university cross-country meets prior to the Illinois Skyway meet.

H. Each participating team will pay a $100 entry fee to host school. The $100 fee covers both men’s and women’s team.

IV. All Conference Team

A. One Conference meet will be held to determine the Conference Championship. The meet will be held the last Saturday in October. If two teams are tied, co-champions will be declared and a trophy will be order for the co-champion.

B. Individual places will be used to determine the All-Conference Runners.

C. Ten All-Conference runners will be determined by their place of finish. The top runner will receive a plaque in addition to a medallion.

V. All Conference Awards

A. Ten gold medallions will be awarded to the ten top finishers.

B. An Illinois Skyway Conference “Coach-of-the-Year” will be selected by the Conference coaches.

VI. Conference Championship Meet

A. Course must be lined.

B. Spotters and checkers must be available.

C. Meet official should be hired to conduct the meet in addition to the coach.


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