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2018 Skyway Arts Festival

2018 Skyway Arts Festival

Hosted by Oakton Community College

March 2018

Best of show:
Kathleen Berendt, McHenry
La Grange, Missouri, Water soluble oil

Awards of Excellence:
Daniel Holman, Elgin Community College
Gaia, Stoneware

Oxana Mihailou, Oakton Community College
Button Chair, Buttons/Mixed Media

Natallia Ryshjakovs, Oakton Community College
The Braid, Color Pencil

Claire Anderson, College of Lake County
Study after Zin Lim, Charcoal

Awards of Merit:
Joshua Robins, Oakton Community College
Last Along the Water, Digital Photography 

Diane Gil, Waubonsee Community College 
Charlie in Disguise, decides to make his escape, Red laterite clay fired in Anagama cone 12

Katherine Hennelly, Moraine Valley Community College 
Submerged Nirvana, Digital Photography

Priscilia Candelas, Moraine Valley Community College
Leonardo Da Vinci Reproduction, Silver paint